One, Two, or Five Things

  1. I'm rarely ever a negative person. I always look at the bright side of things, so for me to dwell on stuff like this and just be pissed off about it means that it really bothers me. But I don't like talking about it. Which is why I'll put it here.
  2. I don't like being used. I don't like the feeling of being used. I don't like giving and giving and giving and feeling like I'm getting nothing in return. It bothers me and makes me wonder why I'm so outgoing at times. But I know I'll never be able to stop.
  3. The month of April is hereby named Hell-tober. I have so much work to do in the next three weeks that I doubt I'll have much time for anything fun, much less anyone. And honestly? That's the way I want it.
  4. Toyota had called me, asking if I would be interested in going to California or Arizona for the summer. That hasn't panned out, so Kentucky it is. Which is perfectly fine with me, because there's still so much I want to do down there.
  5. This is the summer that I get into shape. I'm talking running every day, and working out (weights or cardio) as much as possible. I'm done partying and I'm done drinking, however little I may have done. It's overrated and does nothing for me.

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Anonymous said...

You think I don't read up on you...oh contrare. What is this about? Who do you consider to be using you? My brain is exploding right now, but if this blog is relating to what I believe it to be relating to, my heart is exploding too. Maybe we should talk. I am beyond clueless here, and maybe you are lost as well...